Mobile Machines, Automotive and Farming machines


ISO 25119, ISO 26262, MIL-STD 882, …

Transport systems on the road, in the air and by water contain numerous elements with a high degree of relevance to safety. Proper functioning of these elements is necessary for the safe transport of people and goods. Safety is also a growing topic in the field of autonomous vehicels and mobile robotics.


Therefore, structures can be designed either in single or multi-channel mode. Examples like the ISO 26262, DIN EN 4660 as well as policy documents of German Lloyd or DNV (Norske Veritas) place particular emphasis on safety technology and the process of safety-related development.


In the past years innotec has carried out a number of safety-related projects for application in the Airbus A380, in individual components of the Audi A8 or in communications installations for marine navigation. innotec has also a lot of expierence in the design safety devices for the farming industry.