Complex plants, System Safety


Risk assessment, overall safety, calculation of safety-related parameters…

Complex plants are made up of a number of individual components or individual machines. These can be a combination of machine sections or complete machines. The regulations pertaining to CE markings have to be observed accordingly.

Looking at the risks inherent to a complex plant, one can arrive at quite widely diverging assessments depending on the area concerned and the life cycle phase.

The measures envisaged for risk reduction can be applied both globally and/or locally. The ways in which suitable technical measures (either within the construction itself or in the electrical engineering part of the plant) can be integrated, depends on the particular type of operation. Thus, both central as well as decentralised automation solutions are feasible.


It is especially advantageous if the same sort of safety functions are used throughout the entire plant. This is the case, for example, for the emergency stop function or the control of access doors.


innotec assesses the risk levels of complex plants, determines the necessary PL value and makes suggestions on how to reduce the overall risk to an acceptable level through a combination of standard components, SIL units and PL devices. Innotec performs all calculations according to the applicable standards and draws up a safe and cost-effective solution.