Process technology and engineering


Approval according to EN 61508, EN61511, …

As in the area of complex machine installations, so in the case of process technology and engineering, too, a systemic approach needs to be adopted. Based on the risk assessment of a given process, safety-relevant solutions must be realized using appropriate licensed individual components.


The planner, installer and user of safety-technological systems in the process industry can refer to the stipulations laid down in EN 61511.

In three parts in all it defines the requirements concerning systems, hardware and software and delineates the procedure for determining the necessary safety integrity level.

This standard is based on IEC 61508 and is tailored to the needs of the process industry. This is why sensors and actuators are dealt with in this standard, independently of the technology used.

The safety life cycle has been extended as against the IEC 61508 to cover the areas of installation, commissioning and validation, operation and maintenance, alterations and decommissioning.

EN 61511 applies to a broad area within the process industry including the chemical industry, refineries, oil and gas production, paper production and conventional electricity production.


innotec supports your safety project in all phases of the life cycle, beginning with the risk assessment, continuing through the assignment of safety functions right to the evaluation of the functional safety of the safety-technical systems (SIS).

innotec draws up the necessary safety-relevant documents, in particular concept and requirements specifications, and gives support in the preparation of the safety certificate.

innotec takes on the interface function between the project and the approval authorities.

Take advantage of the wealth of experience we have gathered in a variety of safety projects in process technology and engineering.