Safe Drive Technology, Rotary Encoders


IEC 61800-5-2, STO, SS1, SS2, ...

Highly dynamic and powerful movements in machines and plants rely on drives. Undesired or unexpected activity by drives can lead to serious injury. This has to be avoided at all cost.

The necessary safety-relevant functions for risk reduction in drive technology have been laid down in IEC 61800-5-2.


Exemplary functions are the safe stop and the protection against unintentional restart.

In this context, special importance is attached to the rotary encoder since it supplies the safety-relevant information on the drive’s detected movements.

In automated operation, disconnecting or contactless protection equipment prevents access to the dangerous parts of a machine or plant. Occasionally, though, work has to be carried out despite the protective device having been deactivated.

This necessitates substitute safety measures offering the operator sufficient protection even under such circumstances.


In many challenging projects for safe drive technology, we at innotec have accumulated the necessary expert knowledge enabling us to integrate the high demands imposed by these standards into sophisticated technical solutions. We support manufacturers of drives as well as makers of machines or plants using drives.