Safe Software, Safeware


Software according to IEC 61508, EN 50128, ISO 26262...

The term “Software” stands for differing concepts. Whether in the guise of firmware with defined functions or as a programming and parameterization tool for the user – the safety-related classification according to SIL (IEC 61508, EN 50128) or ASIL (ISO 26262), as the case may be, must be identical to the classification of the safety function.


In contrast to hardware, however, software shows no signs of wearing out or aging. If it does not work as required, this is caused not by accidental, but by systematic errors that for the most part occurred in the design phase of the software.


Here a consistent method of working after a model encompassing all the development phases, such as the V-model, is helpful.


The measures stipulated in the standards for avoiding systematic errors in the individual development phases are manifold. They have to be implemented according to SIL or ASIL.


For example, in the coding phase it makes sense to follow defined coding rules for the programming language or previously defined standards, such as MISRA for programming in C.


Our service


We at innotec are experts in the wide field of safety-related software development. We have successfully provided support for the realization of projects ranging from simple sensor technology firmware and embedded systems to networked PLC. Together with you we define what measures are really necessary in order to avoid errors so that your software project can be carried out cost-effectively and successfully.