Safe Drive Technology, Rotary Encoders

The necessary safety-relevant functions for risk reduction in drive technology have been laid down in IEC 61800-5-2.

  • Safe torque off – STO
  • Safe stop – SS1, SS2
  • Safe operating stop – SOS
  • Safe-limited aceleration - SLA
  • Safe acceleration  range – SAR
  • Safe-limited speed – SLS
  • Safe speed range – SSR
  • Safe-limited torque – SLT
  • Safe torque range – STR
  • Safe-limited position – SLP
  • Safe-limited increment – SLI
  • Safe direction – SDI
  • Safe motor temperature – SMT
  • Safe break control – SBC
  • Safe cam - SCA
  • Safe speed monitor – SSM


Apart from the correct realization of the safety functions in control and performance electronics, taking account of possible errors due to shaft encoder sensor technology is of paramount importance.


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