Safety-related Software

For an item of software to fulfil the demands of the required level of safety integrity, comprehensive error prevention measures must be planned in the individual development phases.


From the very beginning, long before coding has begun, care must be taken to avoid contradictory requirements and gaps in the specifications of architecture and details. This is achieved by means of comprehensive planning, documentation and verification.


In the starting phase it is equally necessary to think about the module and integration tests that will later be required and to document them in the specifications.


The safety standards support the entire development process by specifying measures scaled in their effectiveness which are to be used according to the safety classification.


Depending on the size and complexity of the software project, it may be necessary to fall back on supportive tools in order that the safety goals can be demonstrably reached.


Our services

innotec analyses the software development process defined in your company and compares it with the requirements of the appropriate safety standards.

innotec supports you in the creation of software architecture, the choice of measures necessary for preventing errors, the generation of coding guidelines and with the internal code reviews.

innotec developes safety critical related embedded software according to  IEC61508 or ISO13849.

innotec advises you in the use of appropriate tools for software development.