Simulations / Calculations

Products used in safety systems must be extremely reliable. In order to prevent faults from accumulating and to render unavoidable risks extremely unlikely, the probability of undetectable errors occurring must be kept low.


For this reason it is necessary to prepare an analysis of potential errors for all components or for the entire safety system.

Typical methods to this end are:

  • Calculations based on worst case, typical case, best case scenarios
  • MTBF value, FIT, ʎ-values
  • FMEA analysis and calculation
  • FTA - Failure tree analysis
  • ETA - Event tree analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Markov analysis


For obtaining proof of machines achieving the necessary performance level, the following analyses and calculations have to be carried out:

FMEA for all safety-relevant functions

  • Compilation of failure rates and B10 values
  • Combination of PL and SIL values
  • Establishing of safety block diagrams and structures
  • Calculations according to SISTEMA, Mathcad or Excel


Our services

innotec advises you on the application of appropriate analysis techniques for the detection of possible errors.

Together with you, innotec works out FMEA, FTA and ETA and draws up the safety block diagram.

innotec calculates the safety parameters necessary for obtaining the proof of safety such as PFH, PFD, MTTFd, λ-values, SFF, DC and others.