innotec GmbH is part of a business network concerning of functional safety technology. The exchange of know how, technologies experience and new solutions is focus for trendsetting development for our customers. We care these partnerships. 


Safety Alliance

The Safety Alliance is an association of leading automation manufacturers, technology and solution providers, specialists and service providers for functional safety technology. The aim of the Safety Alliance is marketing, further development and support of an open and standardized technology platform for functional safety based on the market standard of KW-Software. This simplifies the development, integration and application of safety-related devices and solutions.


Create the future of safety technology together


Safety Alliance

innotec GmbH is founding member of the Safety Alliance and thereby innotec GmbH sends a clear signal:

„We create the future of safe technology together.  By efficient know how transfer we will build and optimize furthers trends of functional safety technology in all relevant industries. Because safety is important for our life.” Dr. Peter Wratil, executive director innotec GmbH 


Other Members of the Safety Alliance:

Bernecker + Rainer

Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

Esterel Technologies SA

Green Hills Software

Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH


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