Safety-related bus systems


Safety-related bus systems 



The training unit  is an introduction to techniques and methods of safety buses. It is intended for all those who either use or develop safety relevant buses.



Data types and services of field buses


Data transfer via Ethernet


Error assignment during data transfer


Measures for error detection


Methods and techniques for error control


Typical safety-related bus systems


Methods for data protection

  • CRC
  • Cross check
  • Hamming codes
  • Optimal data types


Safety-related services

  • Data receipts
  • Data recapitulation
  • Fail-safe transfer
  • Watchdog method
  • Time synchronization


Design of optimal formats

  • Data contents and data length
  • CRC development


Calculation of residual error probability




Typical topologies


Examples and calculations


Safe wireless connections

  • Radio technology
  • Differences to wired communication


Duration  1 day